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I grew up on a small wood-heated homestead with chickens, sheep, horses, cats and dogs, and ran barefoot exploring the surrounding fields and forest. I spent my childhood bonding with animals, drawing and painting them, and they became my closest friends. I also learned to take care of them, to grow food and preserve it, and to work hard on the land. These experiences taught me a deep respect for the natural cycles of life, the beings that animals are, their habitat, and how they sustain, feed, and inform our lives. I live much the same way now.

My Studio

One of my deepest wishes is to see humanity change our relationship with animals both wild and domestic, to change our relationship to the earth itself: how we eat, drink, produce, and reproduce, how we think of this earth we are a part of, and our understanding of our place in it.

We are wild too…


My artwork is at the center of me, and who I am. In recent years I have infused my artwork with humor, as I believe it gives people permission to focus on the joy of life, the positive, and the fun – all so important to our human perspective. I continue to do this, but my work is evolving too… as my artistic journey deepens, I wish to honor other animals both wild and domestic, as well as chickens with my paintings. I strive to make my artwork the best it can be to represent them.


I have been an artist my whole life, but I am only just beginning to write. Like many people, I believed life would be easier if I didn’t rock the boat, but the older I get the more I realize what a dodge that is, so I’ve decided to bite the bullet: I am happy now, to add my voice to the world. It’s coming out in poetry at the moment with the occasional opinion post thrown in, and I’m not used to this, but I have an awful lot on my mind.¬†Over time I will get better at it.

See more of my chicken artwork here:

My Flock

I keep a small flock of around 10-12 hens who give us eggs and who we treat as pets. I also raise a flock of meat birds every summer, I give them the best lives that I can, and when the time comes, dignity, gratitude, and respect in their deaths. We hunt deer, we grow a small vegetable and herb garden, and we buy the rest of our food, raw milk, beef, pork, and other vegetables, from our local small farms. Every summer we make fermented pickles, and every fall I make a year’s worth of canned tomatoes, beans, and chicken broth. One day I hope to get a couple of dairy goats.