Cold Moon, Dark Night

It's a full Cold Moon, and the new Winter Solstice is just underway. Darkest and shortest of the year, light and dark pause before the tilt, Second Night takes a breath, waiting.

This time of year always feels In-Between... no longer quite the year it's been, not quite the next year either. It can be a gap of quiet to slip into... if I let it. Now is time for sitting by the fire, reflecting on what lessons can be gathered and taken to heart.

But it's been too easy for me to fall into our modern traps - electronic frenzy, soldiering-on, lurching into imposed obligations. It's lunatic, and it's not real... like a hologram. A collective human materialization of mania and flashing screens and distemper.

I've thrown it all off for now, I'm determined. No need to try so hard. No need to placate and comply so doggedly. Time is short, and it can be sweet, too. Doing this, the relief has been physical, visceral even. Now I light a candle and welcome the shadows, like old friends, to gather around.

It's been a very long time since you've heard from me, I know. It's been a year of intense, difficult surprises for me, illness in myself and those close to me, and a degree of introversion and introspection that I can't quite qualify for you yet. It's also been a year of profound, good change too. Everyone is getting healthy now. I knew something was up back in May, changes were afoot, but I hadn't realized how deep the adventure would be.

The fox you see in this painting is one of the first animals I started working on, but there will be many more coming. For those of you who followed my Chicken Art, my new art will be familiar in some ways, but very different in others. It will still look like "me." I continue to paint animals, many kinds, as they are closest to my heart. And, I continue to want to paint figuratively, with realism and great detail. I love this style that I begin in my most recent "chicken years."

But the approach will be different. The context is changing, and I so, so look forward to sharing my new viewpoint with you.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my wild, fierce, animal heart for waiting for me.

Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Yuletide, and Merry Christmas!
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