Why We Need Death

That all-nothingness we know not
We hide from it.
Pretend it might not come for us.
Nervous, we make a joke or two.

Let's make our lives last as long as possible... right? Can we?
They say to eat vegetables. Lots. Fruitsandvegetables. It's all one word.
They say to exercise. Lots. Sweating makes you smarter, right?
They say to drink water. Lots. Make up for the wine drunk last night.
They say to sleep. Lots. Until the alarm goes off too soon.
Remember to... Have Balance. They say. Balance.
Must. Have. Balance. If it kills me.
(I can't even do Life right? It's always my fault.) But we're lucky people, right? Crossed fingers.

Does a dog have balance? Does a fox, or a deer, or a chicken? Some days, the worms are just good for gettin' and you gotta get.
Dogs eat meat. Dogs are good. So I eat meat, and I am good.
Cats eat meat. Cats are good. So I eat meat, and I am good.
Chickens eat meat. Chickens are good. So I eat chickens, and I am good.
Pigs eat meat. Pigs are good. So I eat pigs, and I am good.

Nature knows better than me.
We all drink water, and we sleep. The sun turns, and we die in turns.
The microbes eat and celebrate. Microbes are good.
Our bodies, our selves, go back to carbon, back to the worms. That has to be a good thing.
And what is balance, if not Life dancing with Death?
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