• Chickens
  • The Chickens

    Chicken Art, LLC 2012-2018

    Why did I paint chickens for over five years?
    Because they are sweet, curious, intelligent, and funny.
    Their colors, patterns, and feathers are truly beautiful, and they offer a wonderful combination of dignity and hilarious fun.
    They are utterly vulnerable, and yet a hen will fiercely protect her chicks and a rooster will lay down his life for the flock.
    I tried my best to represent and honor them with love.

  • Older Chicken Art
  • Older Chicken Art

    These are some of the older chicken images I made, many of which launched Chicken Art.

  • Tin Signs
  • Tin Signs

    During my Chicken Art years I also made tin signs and other products for "chicken people" to decorate their barns, houses, and chicken coops with.
    I no longer manufacture them, but they sure were fun!

  • Products Etc
  • Products Etc

    I no longer sell any of these products, but again, it was sure fun making them!
    Garden Flags, aprons, T-shirts, lots of fun things to put chickens on.

  • People
  • People of Chicken Art

    Some of the many, many wonderful people (and their photos) who followed my very popular, large Facebook page during the Chicken Art years.

    To my mind a picture should be something pleasant, cheerful and pretty. There are too many unpleasant things in life as it is, without creating still more of them.
    Pierre-Auguste Renoir
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