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I paint with watercolors, with oil, and digitally with a Cintiq and Photoshop. I love it all, and have no favorite method. I am in love with beauty, color, animals, and humor. Sometimes I wish I could convey something deep and meaningful with my artwork, and sometimes I just want to be funny. Most of the time I just want to paint an animal of some kind.
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I live in Vermont and I have been an artist my entire life, though I spent many years living another, more difficult life instead. That's my little brother above, back in 1967 in front of our house. These photos make my heart ache for all that was, and all that could have been. It reminds me of all I have learned and the journey since then. Life is such a grand dance...
What keeps my heart awake is colourful silence.
Claude Monet
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Sarah Hudock
PO Box 43
Newfane, Vermont 05345

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